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One Component Pedestal Adhesives

As a leading specialist supplier, Chemique offers a full range of adhesives, primers and sealants for the manufacture and installation of Raised Access Flooring Systems.

Panel Production Products

  • Floor panel manufacturing adhesives
  • Covering adhesive

Site Installation

  • Sub-floor concrete sealers
  • Pedestal adhesives
  • Threadlocking sealer
Access Flooring Corporate Building
Polyped 1

Polyped1 is a solvent free, one component moisture-curing pedestal adhesive that requires no mixing and is quick and easy to apply. Polyped1 has been developed to meet exacting raised flooring in a new climate of environmental awareness ideal for repair and refurbishment applications as well as new Installations.


  • Contains no VOC's This ensures compliance with the latest environmental regulations
  • Complies with the T15 "pedestal strength" test and the T42 "swinging bag" test laid down by the P.S.A.
  • Forms a strong and flexible bond providing exceptional adhesion to metal substrates and concrete sub-floors even on the most inconsistent floor
  • Less wastage as long a container is tightly sealed after use, it can be stored for up to 6 months until needed again

Floor Sealers

Polyped Floorsealer is a highly pigmented, solvent free, waterbased 1 part PVA floor sealer that may be applied by brush, spreader or roller. Ideally used as moisture barrier/dust suppressant, it also gives a bonding surface that is visible, strong and resilient.


  • Contains no volatile solvents
  • Can be diluted with water as 4:1 ratio
  • Visible sealer/binder for concrete or plasterboards